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WP2A4 Expert legal workshop: Lawyers and community cooperation for environmental citizen science and peacebuilding in Ukraine


A workshop by the Gromada project

Date: June 6, h 14:00-17:00 (+ 3 hours preparation before the workshop)

Time: remote preparation + 3 hours frontal/co-creation session

Platform: Zoom (link: https://lu-se.zoom.us/j/4439433519)


Goal: bring together lawyers working on 1) environmental harms/environmental justice domains especially in conflict zones, including in Ukraine; 2) civil society organizations working on environmental matters in relation to conflict zones, including in Ukraine; 3) graduate/postgraduate students that are interested in these subjects from socio-legal disciplines but also environmental sciences. The workshop will foster engagement and exchange of knowledge between these communities to leverage the potential of students and lawyers specializing in environmental citizen science and civic monitoring with conflict-affected communities.

Preparation material: Berti Suman, A. et al. (2024) Mapping gaps and opportunities for community engagement in environmental citizen science in Ukraine. Deliverable WP2A1 of the GROMADA Erasmus KA2 + project. https://gromada-erasmus.eu/publications/.

Format: The report ‘Mapping gaps and opportunities’ will be shared among participants with at least 2 weeks anticipation. All participants are expected to 1) have read the report prior to the workshop; 2) prepare 1 legal question stemming from the situations presented in the report (or from own experience especially in case of the UA organizations/lawyers but also for own countries for all the other participants) and briefly present it to the group in the opening part of the workshop where we also take stock of participants’ background and relevant experience related to the topic of our workshop; 3) we will group the questions in thematic streams and vote for 3 of them to be discussed in 3 break-out rooms in terms of applicable legal framework, legal solution, strategy to address the legal issue; 4) we will reconvene in the plenary where we will hear from the group works and share closing remarks, building on the knowledge and experiences that have been shared during the workshop.

To register, express your interest to: anna.bertisuman@gmail.com

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