Web2Learn, based in Thessaloniki, Greece, is a prominent business partner specializing in digital learning and professional training solutions. The company’s focus extends to two key areas:

1. Open Innovation for Addressing the Ukrainian War: Web2Learn actively contributes to social causes by leveraging innovation to address the humanitarian crisis resulting from the conflict in Ukraine. Notable initiatives include winning an innovation prize in the #EUSpace4Ukraine hackathon and participating in transnational collaborations like AGILE and Baltics4UA to support Ukraine through citizen engagement.

2. Civic Engagement in Knowledge-Building and Citizen Science: In the realm of citizen science and civic engagement, Web2Learn plays a pivotal role. The company is involved in various projects, such as the HORIZON project “European Citizen Science” and initiatives like INOS, HEIDI, eCHOIng, CitizenHeritage, and BOLD. Additionally, Web2Learn contributes to the RE:ERUA-funded Re_Act project, exploring academic activism as a manifestation of societal engagement and social innovation in responsible research.

Web2Learn has been a key player in 24 EU-funded projects since 2013, spanning Erasmus+ and Council of Europe initiatives. The company is recognized for its expertise in managing, monitoring, and ensuring the quality of national and European grants, demonstrating a strong commitment to financial and administrative compliance with European and national regulations. Overall, Web2Learn stands as a dedicated and impactful partner in driving positive social change through innovation and civic engagement.



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