Universität Hamburg

Universität Hamburg, the largest research and educational institution in northern Germany, stands out for its extensive course offerings and distinguished research across 8 faculties. With over 4,400 researchers, the university emphasizes five core research areas, five emerging fields, and four clusters of excellence. Noteworthy for both basic and applied research, Universität Hamburg actively secures external funding and participates in various collaborative projects, including 17 collaborative research centers and 37 German Research Foundation priority programs.

The university places a strong emphasis on knowledge exchange, guided by the principle of “Innovating and Cooperating for a Sustainable Future.” Researchers and students collaborate with diverse sectors, fostering innovation in Hamburg. The Knowledge Exchange Agency supports these activities and manages the University’s Knowledge Exchange Fund.

Particularly interested in citizen science, Universität Hamburg advocates for co-creative engagement, involving non-scientific actors actively in the research process. This approach spans various fields and encourages collective problem-solving through customized digital tools and methods.

The University’s commitment to societal contribution is evident in student-led initiatives like law clinics and the Green Office, addressing legal needs and sustainability projects. The Faculty of Law, established in 1919, has a strong international law focus and leads the China-EU School of Law consortium. With over 4,000 students instructed by 34 professors and around 80 research associates, Universität Hamburg continues to play a significant role in education, research, and societal engagement.

Universität Hamburg


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