Odessa State Environmental University

Odessa State Environmental University (OSENU), founded in 1932, stands as a key institution in Ukraine for Environmental Studies, Hydrometeorology, Management, Computer Science, and Water Bio-Resources. The university, with over 1,000 students, offers a diverse range of programs in full-time and distance learning formats.

OSENU, with a rich history in training specialists for the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) for over 50 years, has contributed significantly to the international community. Its curricula meet global standards, attracting students from 27 countries. Graduates, including Nobel Peace Prize laureate Alioune Ndiaye, have become distinguished scientists, researchers, and environmental managers worldwide.

The university’s structural units encompass various faculties and technical colleges, supporting education in 11 specialties at the Bachelor, Master, and PhD levels. OSENU’s research and teaching staff, numbering around 200, work across 21 departments. The university hosts the annual International Conference on Regional Environmental Problems and Solutions, showcasing its commitment to academic collaboration.

Furthermore, OSENU plays a crucial role in international projects, establishing a Coordination Centre for Training and Retraining of Specialists in Agricultural Meteorology, Agroecology, and Climate Change. This center evolved into an International Training Centre in Environmental Science in 2014, contributing to ongoing global efforts in environmental education and research.

Odessa State Environmental University


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