Lund University

Lund University, with around 46,000 students and over 8,400 employees, is committed to providing education and research in various fields such as economics, management, engineering, fine arts, humanities, law, medicine, science, and social sciences. The university places a strong emphasis on sustainable development, evident in the establishment of the Sustainability Forum, serving as an umbrella organization for strategic support and coordination on sustainability issues.

The law faculty at Lund University is particularly notable for its expertise in public international law and environmental law. With a rich history dating back to 1666, the faculty has a renowned engagement in human rights law. Offering undergraduate and Master’s degree programs, along with international Master’s programs in Human Rights Law and European Business Law, the faculty provides students with a critical perspective linked to ongoing research.

The faculty’s research community, comprising international law professors, associate and assistant professors, postdoctoral researchers, and doctoral candidates, focuses on human rights, environmental and sustainability law, new technologies, international economic law, and the intersection of international and environmental law with other disciplines. Collaborative efforts with other faculties within Lund University and institutions across Europe are evident in seminars, workshops, conferences, and international guest researchers, enriching the overall research environment.

Lund University


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