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Greened human rights and armed conflicts

Over the past decades, several human rights bodies like the European Court of Human Rights have interpreted specific human rights as covering parts of the environment, such as emissions and even impacts of natural catastrophes. This evolution is often described as a “greening” of human rights. At the same time, human rights have been interpreted as applying to situations of armed conflict, even though the laws more specifically deal with wars. Can these two developments be brought together? Can greened human rights protect for the environment in wars? 

Join us on Wed, 8 May 2024, 6-7 pm Berlin time to learn more about human rights and how they can protect the environment during wars – with Stefan Oeter & Anne Dienelt, both University of Hamburg! https://lu-se.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_nhNpx2dPT3WlFwzjJfgTIQ

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