-: Apr 10, 2024 / gromada

GROMADA at the ECSA 2024 Conference! (Web2Learn)

What a special week has been for the GROMADA project on April 3-6, 2024! On April 4, GROMADA partners Anna Berti Suman (Systasis), Katerina Zourou and Stefania Oikonomou (Web2Learn) co-hosted the workshop “Joining forces to meet the needs of (environmental) citizen science in conflict zones” during the 2024 Conference of the European Citizen Science Association (ECSA) in Vienna, Austria! The workshop was co-organised with the CitiOBS team, Margaret Gold and Nuria Castell, and its aim was to expand knowledge and discussion on gaps and opportunities for citizen science (CS) in armed conflict, by reflecting on environmental impacts of the war in Ukraine! 

During the workshop, videos from Ukrainian students and university staff of the GROMADA project were displayed, in which Ukrainian colleagues shared their experiences on implementing citizen science actions for environmental justice despite the war. The workshop included an interactive session made of table discussions where participants developed an action agenda for citizen engagement in environmental monitoring during armed conflict! Check the workshop slides here https://zenodo.org/records/10924956  

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