The Conflict and Environment Observatory

CEOBS (Conflict and Environment Observatory) is a UK charity dedicated to researching and raising awareness about the environmental impact of conflicts and military activities. The organization collaborates with various stakeholders to collect and analyze environmental data, develop methodologies, and contribute to legal and policy developments aimed at reducing environmental harm caused by armed conflicts. Using innovative monitoring techniques, such as satellite images, CEOBS tracks incidents and trends, publishing accessible analyses to highlight the environmental consequences of war. The organization engages with international processes, including initiatives on biodiversity, conservation, and the legacy of explosive weapons, to emphasize the environmental dimensions of conflicts.

With a team of seven full-time and one part-time staff, CEOBS focuses on four thematic areas: civil science, environment in humanitarian disarmament, military emissions, and STEM resources. The organization produces publications related to these themes for nine countries worldwide, including Ukraine, Syria, the Occupied Palestinian Territories, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, South Sudan, Yemen, and Colombia.

CEOBS has been actively involved in studying the environmental dimensions of the conflict in Ukraine since 2015. This includes research on environmental risks from industrial and mining sources, monitoring regimes, and environmental governance in occupied areas. The organization has expanded its monitoring work and maintains an incident verification and risk analysis database, financially supported by the UN Environment Programme. CEOBS also leads a 12-month environment.



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